So, who am I?

Man, talk about a question with a near infinite amount of existentialist layers to it. Well, seeing as how this an ‘About’ page, I should probably tell you something about myself, huh?

Well, for starters, I grew up in a pretty small town in rural Texas. I often describe it as being a lot like the Dukes of Hazzard, though with far fewer car chases. I was an only child, and probably spent far too much time watching TV and movies in the 80s. Sure, many of the shows like The A-Team and Knight Rider really don’t hold up all that well when you watch them now (even if they have very hummable theme songs), but they were fertile soil for my young imagination.

That’s when I first started making up stories, and I never really stopped. The only difference is that Optimus Prime plays much less of a role in what I do nowadays. No offense, big guy.

If you are familiar with my work already, you’ll likely notice something. I lean towards the fantastical, the what could be rather than the what is. It’s not that I disdain the real world − far from it. History is one of my passions, right alongside reading, gaming and etymology (and acting, and martial arts, and music, and pop-culture trivia…the list goes on and on).

Science fiction is the genre that calls to me the most, followed closely by fantasy and horror. That’s just the headspace that I seem to occupy most of the time, and certainly what I enjoy writing the most. To me, those three genres of speculative fiction are a wonderful way of talking about things without really talking about them. By couching stories in something other than what we’re used to, we can add the proverbial sugar to make the medicine go down. No, I don’t use them as any kind of political soapbox (I saw your worried look), but I do use them to take a look at ourselves as humans, our society, and our shared journey through life.

If you like those things, then please stick around. I think you’ll like what you see. If it’s not your thing, thank you kindly for your time.

Still with me? Grand.

You know, I had a feeling about you…

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